“Dogs are not our whole life,

 but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring? 

*     We encourage you to bring your dog's food, pre-portioned in separate bags to cover the duration of the stay.  This is to ensure that your dog does not get an upset stomach from a change in diet. 

*     Please bring your dog's bed or favorite blanket as well as a few toys. 

*     Your dog must have a collar and leash. 

*     Current vaccination records  - your vet can email them to us at              [email protected] prior to your stay.

*      If your dog is on medication, please bring detailed instructions as well as enough medication to cover the duration of the stay.


*     All dogs will have their own space during their stay.  This is to ensure that beds, blankets, toys and feeding bowls do not come in contact with any other dogs. 

*     Upon check out, each kennel is completely disinfected.

*     Any blankets, bedding and toys that were borrowed from CFK will be washed and disinfected. 

*     All common outdoor areas/kennels will be checked and cleaned regularly throughout the day. 

Will my dog be allowed to play with other dogs?

Only if we are given permission. We have two separate areas for the dogs with similar personalities to play. When they are outside together they will be supervised at all times. 

Will my dog be inside all day?  

Only if you want them to be. We understand that not all dogs like to be outside.  

We would like for the dogs to be outside during daylight hours if possible. We have individual outside kennels with dog houses for your dog's safety. If it is cold or inclement weather they will be kept inside and let out frequently throughout the day for breaks.